Sony Sony RX100 Miniature Video effect

Khaled El-Naggar

New Member
Sep 27, 2012
Hi everyone!

I just ordered the Sony RX100 and hopefully will get next week, I like it just reading about it!

One questions though, does it has Miniature effect in Video Mode? I know it has the Miniature in photo mode.

I checked all sources and nothing says it has, I would love to have this effect in video as I like the youtube bits from Panasonix LX7 and I thought with the Sony RX100 it will be even cooler!



Sep 28, 2012
Just tried it. Set the camera to miniature effect then pressed the video button. The video is 'normal', with no miniature effect applied. Perhaps not surprising since when you shoot a still with the effect, it takes a couple of seconds to process.

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