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Dec 27, 2010
Kiev, Ukraine

SonyAlphaRumors today published full specs of the upcoming Sony RX100 fixed-lens large-sensor camera.

sonyalpharumors | Blog | (SR5) Full RX100 leak!

Tech specs:

13.2X8.8Mm Exmor CMOS sensor type 1-inch (crop-factor 2.7x) effective number of pixels 20.2 million pixels
Monitors – LCD (4:3), 3.0-inch, 1,229,000 dots
Lens Vario-Sonnar T * is
The focal length is 30-108mm (4:3) equivalent 35mm, 29mm-105mm (16:9)
The brightness of the lens is F1.8-4.9
Minimum focusing distance is 5cm, wide-tele 55cm at the end
The standard number of shots (conforming to CIPA) 330 sheets / min – 165
30-valve second shutter speed is 1/2000 in the manual
ISO sensitivity (100 and 80 in the expansion), NR ISO125-6400 by Auto: Auto ISO125-25600 in the
Second continuous shooting is 10 frames / second 2.5 frames / continuous shooting in priority mode in normal mode -
Still images JPEG, RAW
1920×1080 60p AVCHD video 28M
Size 58.1X101.6X35.9Mm
The weight (including battery and Memory Stick Duo) 240 g
Color: Black

Looks extremely interesting! More interesting than the Canon G1X because of pocket size and low weight!


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Same sensor size as the Nikon 1. Lens seems more limited than the X10 though. Very curious to see what kind of output it provides.


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Nov 12, 2010
wow with such a large sensor and such small size, it should definitely be the most capable truly pocketable camera! Looks like the ring around the lens might be used for changing settings (if not, there's a real lack of direct controls).

I always thought that the Nikon 1's sensor size could be used in some really nice compacts!


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
Basically a similar concept to the G1X except with pocketcam size, handling and controls. The sensor size would seem to hit a sweet spot between IQ and body size. I wonder what a Canon "S10X" would look like if it were pared down from the G1X and with maybe a 3x zoom lens.


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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
Not too thrilled about the 30mm wide end, I'm really getting spoiled with 24mm on the LX5.
Hopefully they'll put in enough processing power to handle those 20mp RAW files.

But a 1" sensor with a F1.8 lens in that body size looks very interesting.


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Jan 6, 2012
Paris, France
I like the style, the size, the sensor size, the f1.8 aperture at wide angle. I'm not too sure about the MP count (more than their own NEX 3/5 series!) but they certainly have my attention with that RX100. I'll be curious to see the real world images of that cam when resized to a more reasonable resolution like 1920x1080.

For those wondering, these are the RX100 dimensions (in mm) compared to the S95 and XZ-1:

XZ-1     65 x 111 x 42	275g
RX100    58 x 102 x 36	240g
S95      58 x 100 x 30	195g


Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I posted this in another thread:

This looks really interesting. I've been looking at a compact for a few years, and have yet to pull the trigger. The s100 is still experiencing QC problems from what I can tell (lens decentering, lens errors..etc). The XZ1 looks best on paper, but as primarly a jpeg shooter, I am dissapointed with the lack of noise reduction control in camera. I also really don't want to have to deal with a lens cap. The LX5 is probably going to be replaced soon. I guess I'd rather do without than have money spent into something I don't like.

So, I've pretty much held out. This looks awesome on paper too, but we won't know until its tested.


Jun 4, 2012
Davis, CA
I like size and weight of the RX100. Unfortunately it has no EVF.
Wonder if the sensor might be available for others to use too? An Olympus XZ-2 with the 1" sensor, a 24-90/1.8-3.5 zoom range and the XZ-1's hotshoe in similarly-sized package would be quite attractive.



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Aug 7, 2011
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It looks very interesting. and I'll try to keep an open mind. I'm still concerned about 20mp on a sensor that size. And the lack of a viewfinder of any kind makes me want to pound my head against the wall. That single omission is a clear indication the camera isn't really intended for enthusiasts.


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Jan 6, 2012
Paris, France
I'm a "viewfinder junkie" but I totally agree with Chris. It really seems like a camera that's trying to pack as much punch as can fit in a jeans pocket, and I don't think you can add a viewfinder and make it work. Cameras with OVF like the Fuji X10 are much bigger.


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Jan 6, 2012
Paris, France
I wish it did, I'm pretty sure it won't. I can't see a hotshoe or any other kind of connection on top. And there's a popup flash already, so it might make things awkward to put an external viewfinder there. Maybe a third party OVF if the camera's capable of memorizing a favorite focal length.

There's no official announcement yet, so after all the pictures may not be entierely genuine. There's still hope :)

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