Sony Sony RX100iv broken LCD


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Hi everybody, I hope somebody will be able to help me here.

About five months ago I bought a new RX100iv. I totally love the camera. Unfortunately I managed to drop the camera on the left rear corner. Good thing was that everything worked except the LCD screen. I ordered new one and today I changed it. All went well and I managed to swap it without any problem.

The only thing which is worrying me little bit is a little magnet which jumped out of the screen when I was taking it apart.


this part is not even 1cm long and there is very small bracket stick to it.

Please does anybody knows what this is and where does need to go?

Cheers guys,


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Thank you for your fast response, I have already seen this video before. Unfortunately it doesn't answer my question because this guy removed the LCD together with the pantograph which holds the actual LCD.

I did not have to mess up with taking off the whole back of the camera, I unscrew 5 small bolts and changed the LCD only. It was pretty straight forward but cannot figure out where the small magnet goes.

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