Sony Sony will announce at least five new E-mount cameras in 2023!

Wow, that's a lot of cameras. Very interested to see if this new APS-C body is the same rangefinder form or possibly a full sized body.

If my trusted sources are spot on than we might get up to five new E-mount cameras this year! Here is what to expect:

  • High end APS-C camera (likely before Summer with 26MP sensor)
  • Sony A9III
  • Sony A7cII
  • one surprise E-mount camera
  • some sort of cine/video centric E-mount camera (could be coming in late Spring)
But there might be even 1-2 more if you consider the Venice series and or other niche products (remember Sony also made a PTZ E-mount camera).

A7Cii prognostication: A7IV 33MP sensor, new 7RV flippy/tilty screen, new 7RV AI Chip + AF, improved IBIS (which by Sony standards isn't a very high bar), Lossless Compressed RAW

What 'surprise' e-mount camera? An APS-C drone camera?

An A7Cii as you described would be very nice. Add a joystick and front dial too please.

Also, I would actually prefer if they made it slightly taller to allow for a larger/better EVF. Something the size of the Leica Q.

Yep, agreed. The lack of front control dial, and fairly small EVF , put me off the 7c. The former probably isn't as big an issue as it was with the emergence of aperture-ringed lenses, but it's still something I'd rather have.
I hope they keep the 7C line alive. Not too many pseudo-rangefinders on the market currently. Interesting to see what they'll come up with. I'll side with @Brownie here and hedge my bet on it having the 33mp sensor. Wonder if they'll be able to do much with the control layout, though. There's not much space on the backside of the original 7C.

Oh well, at this point I don't have any burning sensation to do any upgrading. My a7R III still keeps me happy shooting landscapes and my current a7C is perfectly fine for what I do with it. The better EVF of the a7R V is tempting, though.
SAR is not terribly accurate, but I'll bite. The A9iii makes sense and has been anticipated for a while now. The A7Cii would also not surprise me. APS-C is way overdue but Sony has not paid a lot of attention to the APS-C lineup in recent years, despite saying they plan to keep it going. No idea what a 'surprise' camera would be as the lineup is pretty broad already. The video camera I am pretty doubtful, since the ZV-E1 just came out and the FX30 is only about six months old. But Sony is not always predictable so who knows. Time will tell.
So, here we are in JUNE already and nada, zippo, nothing from Sony yet, or did I miss something?
You need to check SAR if you can find it btw the advertisements:
The empire strikes back: Here are the four new E-mount cameras Sony will announce within the next 6 months! – sonyalpharumors

  1. Sony High End APS-C E-mount camera on July 12
  2. New Sony A7cII: Announcement timeframe September/November
  3. New High Resolution Sony camera: Announcement timeframe September/November
  4. New Sony A9III: Announcement timeframe November/January
#3 has me stymied. I posted the article on a different forum today. Why would they release a new Hi-Res camera now, right on the heels of the A7R-5? And it’s described as an all new camera, not an update to an existing model. It’s unlikely to be MF format because he mentions that as a separate issue. Very odd.
I'd like to see a 'down graded' A1. Same mega pixel but not quite all the bells and whistles. About the only thing my A7Riii lacks for me is the frame rate. Not that I've tested it but it'd be cool if it could equal the A9.
I think I figured it out! (Probably not, but it's fun to speculate)

The A9III will stay at 24MP and pick up a lot of new features like AI AF, Lossless Compressed, an insane number of frames per second, etc.

The new, unknown hi-res camera will be a stripped down A1 with lower resolution, say 42-45MP, and sold for $3200. It will be called the A8, or maybe the A2. It will be a direct competitor to the Z8 and R5. It will be fast, but not the fastest. It will be high resolution, but not the highest. It will be stripped of many video features. It will be to the A1 what the Z8 is to the Z9.