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Hello everyone,

i am a Canon 5D Matkiii girl. I purchased the Sony xr1rii as a compact camera for hi,ing, skiing and just to have a compact and not carry my big girl camera. I always have a fixed lense and decided that the Sony was the best option. I have it now for 2 weeks and I was a love hate ( mostly hate) relation with it. I can’t focus, where is my deeply loved back button, this is slowed and gosh that battery life is .... short.
can someone helped me ? Is there a tutorial out there ? Do you have a great YouTube to recommend ? Or would you help me !!!!!! I take manual photo with Canon but with this one i only want to take auto mode.... you know auto mode... gosh all help is appreciate. Thank you
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I had a love/hate relationship with a Sony R1 a couple different times. I can't point you to any magic solution, but I always turned off the camera when not shooting and my battery would last for weeks.

I remember having issues figuring out how to set-up the AF mode the way I wanted it to work, but once I got it there, everything was cool.....but set-up is NOT intuitive. I'd definitely seek out some set-up tutorial videos and then just force yourself to sit down with it for an hour and just keep trying different setting until you get what you want on a consistent basis.

If you end up still hating it, there is a healthy 2nd hand market for gently used ones. And then you can always just look for a compact prime to use with your Canon for when you don't want to carry a whole bag of stuff with you.
Thanks Luke. I found yesterday that I can’t use my Lightroom (v 6.8) with this camera. I have an old Mac that I can’t upgrade so I can’t upload Capture One nor the Adobe one to connect with this newer camera nor any other software .... so, I put the camera on Kijiji ($4200 CAN) this morning. Where is this second market ? I think this camera was not meant for me!
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You can list it for sale here, on FredMiranda, ebay..... if it is priced right, there are plenty of people who would rather buy used than new and save some money. Sometimes it's better to cut your losses and sell it right away, rather than waste an even more precious resource.....your time.

Make sure it's nice and clean and take well-lit photographs from every angle.

If I had a dollar for every camera I bought that didn't work out for me, I could retire ;)


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RX1R II is 5 years old camera (Nov 2015 release) and it is not an action camera by lens design. Its af is much faster than the ver I models. Lens is big, slow to move the elements, but usually it is highly regarded. The camera body is small so I used with a half case grip and have multiple batteries as they are very small and cheap with third party choices.

I used mine on travels and I don't have any problems opening with old Lightroom ver 6.14 (last update before they changed to the subscription model). I think most of the cameras are confusing with their menus until you learn and set up your choices. I don't usually use the back focus, but I use ael button on RX1R II for eye af with caf. In comparison, the newer model Sony's pick up the eye af automatically. It is due for an update but I have not seen any news from Sony as it is expensively hand assembled in Japan...

Fred Miranda has an active RX1/RX1R II posts in alternative forum and have used sales section also. Used prices are cheaper due to its age.

Also capture one used to have a cheaper version to use with Sony cameras. I usually came back to LR since it is easier/quicker to use...
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