Micro 4/3 Spanish site compares E-M5 to GX1, NEX5n, NEX7


Although still jpegs, an interesting comparison. Here is a 100% crop at iso3200:


The full article is at Olympus OM-D E-M5: primeras muestras - use google translate!
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If the GX1 used it's std 14-42 then it's IQ will be at a slight disadvantage as it's not the best lens in the world. Not sure if this would make any difference to the actual ISO performance but the general sharpness etc won't be quite as good.


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I can't wait to get my hands on the E-M5 RAW files in LR4!

ehmm... file not recognized.
but wait! they just published a Release Candidate ACR 6.7, at adobe labs...

... and E-M5 not included in the list...

sorry, this is live...

ACR 6.7 RC doesn't support the new Oly, nor the Fuji X-PRO. They support D800, D4, 5D markIII. :-/

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