Sigma SPP or Iridient for XF3 files?


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I'm finding that I use the Sigma Merrell cameras more and more. I shoot raw + jpegs and find myself using SPP to convert to 16 bit Tiff files and then finishing them off in LR. SPP works okay but is very slow to load and not very precise in many of the adjustments. I've played with Iridient with the Fuji RAF files and it seems to do a very nice job and load somewhat faster. The last thing I want to do is buy another piece of software that won't get used. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions? I'm on a Mac so the Faststone viewer is off the table.


Iridient is faster, but still not as fast as with other file types. I feel that SPP is "better" but just a hassle to use. ID offers more options plus I have a lot of processing profiles I can use.

In general, I love ID!

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