Start The Future (Beer)

There seems to be a competition between small brewers - it was only a week or so ago I read of a Scottish beer taking the record at 55%. They were asking $1000 a bottle. I've get several cases on order. ;)
How about a 'Beer' image thread now that you have started the topic? I'd love to see some nice images of beer specially as I am a teetotaler :drinks:
I like a "strong" beer, I actually prefer it over the weaker kinds but the quality and taste is decisive, not the absolute strength. Being an admirer of beer I have lived in Antwerp, Belgium where some magnificent brand are to be had, two of my favorites were: Westmalle Triple a quite common beer and a "Westvleteren" this is a beer brewed in the very same fashion the monks currently brewing it brewed it in 1487 or so, due to it's non-compliance with EU regulations you could only buy it in the monastery itself, not in shops and supermarkets.

Currently I reside in Bavaria Germany where there must still 1001 small family brewers whom mostly deliver one or two very nice kinds of beer. Again I prefer the more potent versions, a more common one being "Aventinus" made by Schneider and Son, they have their own Restaurant where one can drink it straight from the tap .... a marvelous and very uncommon tasting beer. The second, brewed by a small castle brewery is called "Operator" a dark Dopplebock with a magnificent taste brewed in very small quantities.

But on various outings I still discover new beers and expect to do so in the coming period of time, there is simply so much to be had.

I don't follow the logic of the people whom always drink the "fashion" stuff, they cost twice the price and taste 4 times worse.... you know the Mexican beer, even Budweisser is considered a luxury beer here in the more fashionable areas of Bavaria... makes on think.... all these, no most of these mass produced beers taste like horse-piss to me ... avery subjective piece of information but still ....