Started using my D300 again


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Great to have an OVF and the so so logical Nikon user controls - it really is a "great piece of kit"

I felt liberated

Unfortunately I dropped it from about 18 inches, (40mm??) - I was reaching for my glass of white wine when I knocked it off a low table

seems to be OK - it had my old, 1976, I think!, MF Nikkor 55mm f1.2 on the front of it - which it a big "piece of glass" and weighs more than the camera - fortunately I have a UV filter attached - just bent the filter ring and chipped the filter glass.

must start "lifting" weights as obviously I'm not "used" to it after a few months using my S95, G1, EP1 etc.

Hopefully a few "Hail Mary's" and a small altar sacrifice and I'll be OK


Unfortunately I dropped it from about 18 inches, (40mm??)

If it were only 40mm... You dropped your Nikon 45.72cm! You have to be very, very lucky, if there is no damage.

The D300 is a great camera and I am sure, that your Nikkor is a great lens. This camera is perfect apart from the weight.


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Gosh, Bill - I am so glad it didn't land on your foot - and that nothing was seriously hurt. See, there's an example for why I've got to go find me a filter for my X100!

Looking forward to seeing some of your pictures!