Stay or go ?


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Your home is where your heart is, Herman. Of course strictly from my own selfish point of view, I want you to stay here and over at mu43, too. I do quite well as a split personality, myself, and bet you can too. :friends:


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you Dutch are so clever - just watched Robin Van Persie score for The Arsenal against Barcelona - final score 2-1 to The Arsenal

In a Brasserie in Bordeaux - the waiter was Spanish so his bet was that Barca would win 4 - 0 - (he lost but I still gave him a tip)

Allez Angleterra - well not quite as most of the Arsenal team are not British

Cheers Mate


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I started postings at dpreview, jumped over to mu-43, and then to this forum.
Where's my home?

Herman, I like to think of you as residing in the "cloud" and no matter where you post, you are always around. I like all of the three forums you mentioned but prefer s/c and mu-4/3s, as they are much more user friendly and less acrimonious (for the most part) than dpr.


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I kinda went this way: -> -> here, then as I grew more into rangefinders -> ->

I look at the middle three several times a day, the first one every week or so, and the last every couple of days.

I don't think you need to have just one house on the internet. :)


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Hey Bill. I watched it too courtesy of the wonders of Chinese live streaming software, though the commentary was in Romanian (I think) and it didn't start until 11.45 local time so I couldn't jump up and down, shout and scream, bang the table and run round the room when RVP and AA scored. Not many English players at Arsenal these days, ti's true, though Wilshere was as good as anyone on the pitch, and Walcott's no dozer either. I sat up the night before to watch Spurs do Milan too. Anyone for a Spurs-Arsenal QF?