Sigma Steve Huff reviews DP2 Merrill


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So, how's the image quality? He doesn't seem to mention it nearly enough! :biggrin: I'm glad he mentioned Dick Merrill, although Steve is misinformed: Dick Merrill didn't help Sigma develop Foveon technology. Sigma just bought the company Merrill founded.

That lens squeak really is something.
Are any other Merrill owners having this?

No issues here. Maybe the review unit has been passed around several reviewers, without regard for the thousand-dollar precision instrument.


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Huff often mentions that the IQ is wonderful and among the best he has seen. The problem is he treats that like it's a done deal and then doesn't dwell on it very much.


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His written review is up on his page now. The camera excites me, I am not sure his review has helped me decide whether to buy it. I agree with him on the price though, it is a little high. But then ... the image quality ...


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I kind of feel like the overall proposition offered by the DP cameras (especially these new ones!) is like carrying out a medium format camera with a big tripod around, and then draping a black sheet over your head while you compose and take the photo. You do this because all you care about is the final image, and are happy to plan and then do the work in order to get that image.

Obviously a DP camera is a lot more portable and easier to use than this. But if you can accept that as the use paradigm, then you will be very happy, and in fact marvel at what you can get out of a kit that fits in a fanny pack. If not, well there are plenty of cameras with a different (not better, but different) image quality:user effort proposition out there.

I think a web site dedicated to Sigma DP's would be called "" ;)

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