Storm over northern Europe


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Has our member from Plymouth checked in? There was a landslide on the other side of England, the east, I think. I've been away from computer most of the day. I'll try to find that link when I get home.

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Hi Ruby, I'm assuming that you are referring to me. That storm was well away from my location such that we hardly noticed any problem in this part of the UK. Our storms tend to come in from a more southerly track. That ones effect was compounded by a combination of wind strength and direction co-inciding with high spring tides. Since the similar storm of 1953 which cost over 300 lives in eastern England and many more than that in north west Europe defences have been strengthened with the result that damage and destruction has been limited, little comfort to those who have suffered and perhaps unrealised by those who escaped damage where it might have otherwise occured. The houses that collapsed onto the beach below at Hemsby were very likely to go within the next few years due to the coastal erosion taking part on that section of the coast, there end has been accelerated by this particular storm.

Thank you for your concern, but as I say, no problem here.



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Nov 12, 2010
as the video in the BBC article mentioned, we probably have the most sophisticated flood defense system in the world here in Holland (just as well, with 20% of the country - including my home - below sea level and >50% at risk of floods). But still the storm was pretty fierce, at my university the water was being blown straight out of the ponds...


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Sep 2, 2013
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Thanks, Barrie, I was referring to you. I had figured out you weren't in its direct path, but major storm / harbour town made me worry about conditions on its edges, as it were. I'm glad you're safe, and thanks for responding!

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