Fuji Strange image jump as the fous box turns gree, on the lcd and evf


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I recently notice that when using the lcd of evf that the screen shifts
just after the green focus box appears. It does this when focusing at distant as well as near objects.
I'm sure this is a recent thing as I never noticed it to start off with.
Would be really grateful if anyone could shed some light on the matter?


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I just checked mine and I think it is just showing you what is in the frame after focus has changed from what was in the frame at the last focus point. Like when you focus on something that is 4 feet away, there is a slightly different FOV from when you are focused on something that is 20 feet away......it is pretty slight, but I think that is all it is doing. It doesn't do that when your point of focus remains at the same distance. At least it doesn't appear that way to me.


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Thanks for confirming that Luke, I think you're right, I'm just surprised I didn't notice it at first.
Guess I was still just in awe of how great the camera feels in my sweaty palms!

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