Street lights at 3am.

Hi everyone, I've been away for pretty much most of this year. I was kinda caught up with my final year of university study and I've just finished all my assessments last week. So I guess I'm back, sort of. Anyway my sleeping habits are all screwed up from staying up all night studying and writing major essays etc. Haven't really taken many photos throughout this year because of all this.

Some quick photos I took while taking my cat and dog out for a walk around 3am very very early Christmas morning.

PS. I still suck at post-processing. That hasn't changed.










betwixt and between
James, I almost missed these! I am so glad you've come back and know you've been incredibly busy for the last year or more with all your graduate work and more.

I've always been a fan of your night work and you're not disappointing me, again. The glistening light reflecting off the trees, the lines created by the wires...the glowing streetlights...very other worldly. I haven't checked to see what setting you had to use - were they all hand held?

I love your last two, it's as though we're in the dream with you... One of the things that is so interesting, besides the light and shapes caused by the shadows, the way the cat's one leg is out of the shadow in that first that in your first the dog is looking at you, and the cat's seemingly oblivious to his presence while in the second, the tables are turned. I really like both of these very much.

I'm so glad you have the time to come back onto the forums, James.:drinks:
Yes they were all handheld.

I've found that I can sort of get away with handheld shots on my Leica up to about 1/4 seconds. When I start to get into 1/2 I have to consciously hold my breath and steady my hand as best as I can. Anything slower than that I have to actually lean my body on something, a tree or a wall in order to steady myself for a handheld shot.