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A surfeit of triangles.



While taking my dog for a walk I've passed through this area for months and months but it was only last week that I noticed this photographic opportunity. It makes me optimistic about being confined to shooting in my local area because there are probably innumerable other opportunities just waiting for me to discover.


New Zealand
It doesn't ceases to amaze me with what you can get away, even when I never try to conceal that I'm photographing.
I got the tip from a photographer in the UK who uses a 35mm DSLR for street. He said that the human brain is very easy to pick up irregularities even with the periphery, so the black upper garment hides the general movements of the photographer, as well as regular hand speed when putting the OVF/EVF in front of the eye. He added that the human subjects will still be able to see the photographer even when wearing a black/dark-coloured upper garment and the pulling up of the camera is relatively fast. With lighter-coloured upper garments, I can easily be seen. I tried pulling up the camera quickly even with a dark-coloured upper garment and I still got easily seen. With a dark-coloured upper garment and with slow-mo hand movements, I rarely get to be seen and if I am spotted, I do not get to scare them, at all, or change their facial expression. Cheers.

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