Street Street photography (Image thread)

Ilford HP5+ in HC110
Olympus Om4 - Zuiko 35/f2

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OMD-10ii with Lumix 15mm 1.7

Naples - Nov 2023
Naples is clearly a paradise for street photography.
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I don't know what he was doing but he was doing it in great light. This is a shot from today's experiment of using my Panasonic Leica 9/1.7 (on a GX9) for street photography. For this kind of distance the 18 equiv lens is just too, too wide. I'll go back to reserving it for crowded environments or when I want to emphasize leading lines.
Vancouver, Canada.
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I continue to be startled and feel mild panic when I get home and discover that someone I photographed was looking right at me. In this case it seems like I'm the prey of another street photographer!
I have no idea why I thought they would be a good subject, they must've been doing something but then stopped just as I started shooting.
Gastown area of Vancouver, Canada.