Street Street photography (Image thread)

20231014_EM1O2998_Ortigia-Siracusa 1.jpg
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A protest in support of Palestinian civilians. I love the interaction of the two people in the foreground and they're the reason I took this photo but my OCD is dragging my eyes straight to the misspelled protest sign.
Vancouver, Canada.
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When I got home and reviewed my photos I kicked myself for not noticing the guy on the far left. I like how he's mirroring the guy on the right but that was a fluke and, more importantly, had I been aware of him in the moment I would have gotten closer for a photo that made him more prominent. I love how the shadow he's casting on his face matches his shirt's stripes.
What do you think? Are the two guys prominent enough that you easily notice their mirrored actions?

Vancouver, Canada. (They're watching a peace protest for Palestine across the street.)
Nice to see so few cars.
All the houses there start at 300.000 £ price, they come with 1 or two garages and have their own driveways, the streets are wide enough and very few people would need to park next to the sidewalk. It's one of the better built new neighbourhoods in terms of space and planning but it's not something some people could afford in their lifetime.