Street Street photography (Image thread)

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I love the grain in the image, was it SooC or the result of post-processing or added in post?
It is pretty much SOOC - it has a very nice Monochrome Art Shot mode which is very similar to Olympus (I understand this model is nearly the same as the Olympus Stylus 1), but like many of its similarities they're handled slightly differently. In this case, the grain and contrast is set but there are 3 levels. I've found level 2 to be very much to my taste, to the point where I'm thinking of keeping it for this reason alone. It's not a quick shooter - though with the mentioned pre-capture it could be - but it's a nice little walkabout camera.
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Street dreams.
Robson St in Vancouver, Canada.

Lots of serendipity here, from spotting this guy as we stepped out of a patisserie to the bus passenger rolling by in the background and the reflections of the two women on either side of the snoozing driver.