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Hi all:

this is my first contribution to the group: just came back from a trip to Istanbul and used my new leica M with 50 mm lens : passed this elderly man at the old spice market who was waiting on his son to pick him up : he kindly agreed for me to take his photo : wish I had the leica monochrome ... maybe my next leica ;)

Would love to hear your advice


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How did you managed to be in Istanbul and make one portrait only! You should have came back with 1 hundred :)
The fact that you approached your subject and asked for a picture that means you had the time to think your framing options. This pictures would have been much stronger with a different composition. I also wished the lines on his polo match the flow of those on the wall!

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Hi, and welcome! If you could have turned to look up or down the street with your subject, it would likely have been a stronger photo. As is, a bit of crop would help, and b/w conversion in post would be good to try.

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