Streetshooter shares his secrets...

Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
My daughter and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Don (streetshooter) in Philly at the annual insanity known as the Mummer's Parade today. Over lunch, he demonstrated his unique methodology for making a photograph. Really a start from scratch kind of guy...

First, he needs a camera, so abracadabra, he works his magic...

View attachment 31677

And VIOLA!!! A camera appears...

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And then, in a process the rest of us are slightly more familiar with, he raises said camera to his eye and shoots...

View attachment 31679

A real pleasure to put a voice and an actual living face with the name and photographs we've gotten to know here and over at the Micro Four-Thirds forum!

Thanks Don! And now that his secret is out, we're all gonna have to start shooting the quality of work Don is known for! :) :) :)

Ray, thanks again for the thread. It is nice to see SS's face on the site.... He's not as old as I thought;)
Ray, I'm so glad you posted this over here, as well. Love to see that you guys finally got together and that you brought one of your daughters along (oh wait, we can't see that yet...hopefully the Magician will help us out here?) - however, I am quite jealous!

Sometime this year, within the next 363 days I want to get in on the action with you guys, too. I'd better add that to my plans on the 2011 thread.:drinks: