News Strong Rumors: Panasonic Fixed-Lens Camera With 4/3 Sensor


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The only real advantage I can see from a fixed lens would either be a really compact body with a normal zoom or fixed FL OR a superzoom. Given the release of the FZ1000, I'm going for really compact. Small body wiht a fast 35mm equiv would be tempting.


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It gives me hope for a 28-90/1.8 fixed lens camera no bigger than the E-P5 with 17/1.8. Not really, but a boy can dream...
I would be rooting for lx7 or gm1 form factor w/ a 20f1.7 or 12-32 and a rangefinder like evf placement. Not sure I would buy it though since I have a gx7 and the Ricoh gr for my pocketable everyday carry camera unless it can retract the lens like the gr.


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