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Stuff on sensor that simply will not come off


Feb 17, 2013
the deep Appalachian woods
Greetings, folks . . .

I have an issue cleaning an X-E2 sensor (well, the filter over the sensor, of course). There are some dust spots that nothing I've tried will remove. I've been through a 12-pack of sensor swabs and wet cleaning -- no joy. I hate to ship the camera to have it cleaned, in no small measure because I've had bad experiences doing so. Anybody know what to try when wet cleaning doesn't work?

[And I apologize -- I meant to post this in the forum instead of the showcase.]


Super Moderator
Apr 3, 2013
Dust and "Gunk" would have come off, or at least changed position with the cleaning that you have done. I would suggest looking at images before and after the cleaning. If the artifacts do not change size, shape, or position- the damage may be in the glass. Leica users know this all too well: the material used in IR absorbing glass is subject to deterioration, and a "sandwich" is normally made to protect it. The cover glass also uses coatings, same on a filter or lens.

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