Compact Stylus 1 vs Stylus 1s

What on earth is the difference. Is it worth spending a bit more and getting the 1s or will the 1 be perfectly adequate.

My XZ-1 sort of bit the dust, it still works but the LCD screen has become crazy coloured when on, and TBH I dont like using the VF-2, I'm always scared its going to come off. So I've been considering all kinds of cameras for replacing it, but the Stylus is one I had not yet really seriously thought about in recent months.
Actually, cancel that, my XZ-1 seems to have recovered itself, for which I am delighted. However, still want to know what differences between the two Stylus 1 cameras. I did a comparison on dpr and apart from a touch screen (which I am disinterested in) and better battery life (which is appealing) there doesnt seem to be anything between them


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Compared with the original Stylus 1, the 1s offers a redesigned grip, higher-capacity battery, small auto-focus target mode, timelapse mode and step zoom with nine preset zoom positions. Same image quality. It some of the improvements that come with the 1s are available for the original via firmware update:

Olympus Stylus 1 firmware update adds wide angle converter compatibility and interval shooting

I have the original Stylus 1 and it's still a nice travel or vacation camera. And you'd be surprised how compact it is when you power it down and the lens folds into the body. Jacket pocketable and can even be tossed into a medium-to-large sized purse. It's not worth it to me to upgrade but if you don't own one and are interested, the improvements of the 1s are very nice.