Infrared Images Subtle infrared color

Sometimes I think one of the delights of infrared color is that it can bring a subtlety of hues not found often elsewhere. Not quite pastel but certainly not loud. Here's a picture I made last week that kind of illustrates the point, I believe.

And here's somewhat less subtle -- the 590nm X-E2 arrived a couple of hours ago (and the rain stopped and the sun came out, really; only thing missing was the choir of angels). So I made a quick picture. Lots more color to play with in 590!


Should mention that the only post were auto white balance (camera white balance came off a white card) and channel swap. So this is as close to an OOC jpeg as one gets with IR.
I played with an image seen a few pictures above -- post processing IR involves a kind of zen (as does a lot of computer work) -- and here is the picture more as it should be, I think.


One thing I'm learning is to bring down the highlights before tweaking exposure in general. With a little underexposure, the highlights in the clouds (mostly) don't blow out, but when the other elements of the picture are brought up, it can take the clouds right back out again unless they're suppressed first.
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Here's another, taken a couple of hours ago at the lovely little village of Amesville, Ohio. I did the usual white balance and channel swap adjustments and, because it was shot with the 14mm Fuji lens tilted slightly upward, did a touch of perspective control (Shift-P in the GIMP) as well. I took a white balance reading off the sidewalk, because I didn't have a gray card with me. What surprised me is how closely everything except the foliage looks as it does in visible light.


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