Suddenly... my perfect camera? (Sealife)


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Nov 12, 2010
SeaLife just announced their DC2000.

Who? What? SeaLife is a specialized diving camera maker, up til now making very basic uninspiring cameras, with easy to use dive housings built around them or directly built in.

The DC2000 however has a 1" BSI sensor and a fixed 31mm equivalent, f1.8 lens! It shoots jpeg and raw, and HD video but no 4k. There's wifi and some kind of phone app. It has a small, shirt-pocketable inner camera which is, on its own, waterproof up til 18m.

It comes with a relatively small housing (that still turns it into coat pocketable instead of shirt pocketable), that makes it waterproof up til 60m. The only use I'd personally see for the housing would be as a mounting point for the available wide angle adapter (taking it out to 18mm equivalent), as i dont think that would work directly on the inner camera.

Launch price is 699 dollars / euros.

World's First Waterproof Camera With 1inch CMOS Sensor

SeaLife DC2000 digital underwater camera announced | Photo Rumors

DC2000 | Sealife Cameras
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Bruce McL

Dec 18, 2016
Just looking at that camera makes me smile. Owning the camera would put a swagger in my step and lower my voice half an octave. :).

A much older camera that has a tough yet amusing looking design is Fuji's Big Job HD-3W.


Bruce McL

Dec 18, 2016
LOL . . . did that ever make it to our side of The Pond?
I don't think it ever did, but there's one on ebay now. Don't forget to buy an xD card for it! :)

When I was looking for the photo I did an image search for Fuji Big Job camera. I saw a few earlier Big Job models that I didn't know existed.

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