Feedback Suggestion - Split the "For Sale" forum by open/closed status

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Not in those words as far as I could tell. But whatever. :)
Sorry, I was actually referring to a different thread, mods only - not your fault. But it's still true that most of us mods favour prefixes ...

If the site relied on a lively For Sale/For Trade traffic, I'd probably see things differently, but prefixes (and filtering) are the way to go in this case IMO - it's not as if the list was a quickly moving target.



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Some late night tweaking, was wondering if anybody would notice. There's a "Completed Transactions" child forum now with 'completed' & 'expired' threads instead of the prefix buttons.

Reminder, here's the instructions on how to mark a transaction as 'Completed' which will automatically close the thread and move it to the child forum....

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