Fuji Suggestions to improve the XPro1


Jul 21, 2012
I particularly like the suggestions to
not have the menu show up in the EVF, and change ISO using the same directional keys.

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
The only one of those suggestions that would improve the experience for ME (not saying the other items aren't important to others) is #11, but this is endemic to focus by wire lenses unless they're deigned with a clutch mechanism like the Oly 12. The Fuji 14 appears it will have the same thing, as will the new Oly 17 when it arrives. It's a great approach and one I'd like to see on more lenses, but it pretty obviously drives up the complexity and price of the lens, and maybe the size too.



Jul 11, 2010
Ontario, Canada
#11 seems useful.

I disagree with his point about the ISO changes from the Fn key. Fuji has followed some very sensible UI guidelines with the current setup. They know that people respond to visual cues. When using the OVF, the ISO is displayed horizontally even when you hit the Fn button. The visual cue is to move left or right with the buttons. In EVF mode the FN button results in a vertical menu of ISO choices; the visual cue is to move up and down the menu.

On the face of it it would be nice to have the same visual cue in each VF, but when in EVF mode this would in effect mean having a split screen, which would be very hard to do on a screen that size and likely cause performance issues.


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May 23, 2011
Taylor, Texas
Lower the price so I can buy a second one so I won't have to change between the 35 and 14 when it arrives. :) Also- release the 23, 27, and 56 ASAP.

I'm sure they are all good suggestions but the camera works fine for me. If it was $1000 I would sell some more Nikon gear and buy a second one. I love the grip BTW. (Thanks for that one Ray!!!).


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May 23, 2011
Taylor, Texas
I've never used the Auto ISO which seems very popular. I shoot aperture priority since the aperture is the most important variable for me. I can generally judge the correct ISO for any given aperture pretty quickly. I haven't found the camera to be a problem shooting at pretty slow shutter speeds either.

However, that does seem like a relatively easy firmware fix. I bet that will be coming soon. I do wish it had ISO 50 or 100. Not too many cameras go that low. I wonder why?

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