Fuji Sunday Walk - X100 - SFX


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Nice skies indeed Ian!! Composition's not too shabby either :wink:

Glad to see the X100 hasn't been relegated to the bag's bottom with the arrival of the GX1. Must say I'm really loving what you're achieving with both, or either.


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Oct 17, 2010
Dallas, TX
My God, the sharpness and tonality make think of medium format film work. Delicate mid-tones and sparkling highlights!
Well done, Sir!


Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
Lovely stuff Ian. Were those taken with a high DR setting?
I did not use the HDR setting on the camera (have not done so yet), just shot in normal AP at between f4 - f8 at 200ISO. I do convert to B&W using SFX Pro2 and used the HDR setting for that conversion then added some structure.

For landscape/street, the X100 is now my camera of choice and I am sure will remain so - the X100 manages to capture a beautiful array of tones and since updating firmware to 1.13 I am sure the AF is considerably better.

I am due to go on a trip next month so plan on taking the X100 for street and the GX1 to use with the 45-175 and 20mm and as a back up!

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