Sunset from an office window

Shot and processed with my iphone 4s.


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Johnny, I forget where the heck you are but it looks awfully cold out there! You might enjoy checking out these two threads: and because we've got quite a few of us who enjoying using our cell phone cameras.

This new iPhone camera is supposed to be hot stuff and it sure does look good! Are you using Snapseed or some other application like Instagram?
Thanks for the site info BB, I'll be sure to check them out. I'm located in NW Wisconsin on the south shore of Lake Superior, and the weather has been pretty mild for December. I use a variety of camera & editing apps. My favorite camera apps are 6X6, 6X7 &
Pro HDR. The editing app I rely on the most is PhotoToaster, and I also use Snapseed, Luminance, Photo FX. I have been known to dabble with Iris, PerfectPhoto, PhotoForge2, and PhotoStudio. The picture above was taken with Pro HDR, and edited with Luminance and PhotoToaster. I'm finding the iphone 4s is quite adequate for my needs, and am enjoying learning what it can do....

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