Fuji Super Takumar 50/1.4


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by dixeyk, on Flickr

For an adapted lens it fits really well on the camera. It doesn't feel extraordinarily long on the XE1 (certainly shorter than my Rokkor 50/1.4). Man it sure feels great in the hand. De-yellowed it with several days under a UV light. The aperture turning the reverse from every other lens I have is interesting. I believe this is f4 or f5.6. FWIW the sharpness is actually pretty good wide open. I can see using this lens a lot.


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I absolutely love this lens and used it a lot on both my Canon 350D and then later on my 5DII (though I had to be mindful of the focus distance as the rear element would touch the mirror and lock up the camera on occasion if shot near infinity). I tried it on an X-E1 but it make the camera feel quite front heavy as its no lightweight of a lens. I would love to try it on an X-T1 though.

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