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Our site automatically adds our affiliate code to any links made to thousands of online sellers. If you buy stuff online, chances are that you can help our site by clicking through a link before you by it. Using our links means we get a small referral fee. Your price is unaffected.

To help, click any of the links below before making your purchase at the store indicated. If it seems that our link is a normal one (no affiliate code), rest assured that it will still work.

If your store of choice is not listed below, then simply post a reply to this thread with the link you plan to use for your purchase, then refresh the thread, click your link, and make your purchase. Nearly all stores will be affiliated automatically.

Anything you buy helps us. It does not have to be photography related. Kindle books, diapers, televisions, watches, film, DVDs, etc, you get the picture! One technical detail: you have to click the link on this site before putting the item in your shopping cart in your store of choice.

Ready-to-go links (these are not bookmarkable - you have to come to this page to click them):

Aden Camera:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon CA:


B&H Photo:

Beach Camera:



Camera House:

Camera Paradise:

The Camera Store:



Castle Cameras:


Dell Home:


Digital Camera Warehouse:



Ebay US:

Ebay UK:

Ebay CA:

Ebay AU:

Focus Camera:








Park Cameras:


Ritz Camera:




Ted's Cameras:

Unique Photo:



WexCameras DE:


If you shop often at a site that is not listen above, please PM me with a link to that site, and I will gratefully add it to our quick list above.

Thank you for helping to support our site!


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Thanks, BB. Also, if you don't mind sharing the news, let us know in this thread after you make an affiliate purchase. It's a great way to spread the word about supporting the site this way :).


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When I go in to Amazon... I see the MU tag in the address bar.... but when I start shopping... does it still stay registered, as I've bought a number of things recently small & large


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We should do a podcast episode dedicated to Linsanity! Go Knicks!!!

Yes, we need a podcast on Linsanity. I find myself cheering for the New York Knicks for the first time EVER in my life!!

BTW, I ordered a 27" iMac using the MU43 affiliate link. Decided that a new computer was more important than new cameras ... so I canceled my Amazon pre-orders for the OMD and Fuji XP1 ... sniffles, sniffles ... :sad010:
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Mal, yes, it should credit us for anything you buy while on the Amazon site. Thanks for using our links!


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When I go in to Amazon... I see the MU tag in the address bar.... but when I start shopping... does it still stay registered, as I've bought a number of things recently small & large

Mal, the way I understand it is that you must stay on the website after you use the affiliate link to arrive there. Do not open another browser window to check out anything else, unrelated or not, because as far as I know once you navigate away from the website that you accessed by the affiliate link - all bets are off for the site receiving any referral fees.

As Amin explained it
Please note: For us to get credit for the referral, you must click our link prior to placing any items in your "shopping cart", and you must not click on another site's affiliate link after clicking ours and prior to the purchase.

P.S. Oops, posted at the same time. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Amin.


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BTW, I ordered a 27" iMac using the MU43 affiliate link.

Wow, I just saw that. Thanks, Armanius!

RE: Super Lintendo, I'm a long-time Knicks fan, and for the first time in a long, long time, I think we can be contenders.
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just a quick bump for the affiliate links here. When I got an email today, I was nearly too lazy to come here and almost gave the credit to the PentaxForums. ALWAYS use the affiliate codes here to support your favorite camera forum when you give in to GAS.
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eBay affiliate code has been added to Amin's original post (and now I can make the website a few pennies from my new lens purchase).

I know a lot of you folks buy stuff on "the Bay".....please remember to stop by here on click the affiliate code before your shopping to help generate some revenue from your purchases. It costs you nothing. And all the little bits add up.


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Glad for the ebay link actually as I do shop there often enough but I do have a question.. does it matter what you buy or is it just that you go through the links to credit SC? What I buy isn't always photography related. I am thinking it should not matter.. right?
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