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Aug 27, 2013
Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
Miguel Tejada-Flores
Just wanted to check in and say that I JUST made my first 'affiliate' purchase - using the Amazon link on Page 1 of this thread - and I hope/trust it went through.

The one thing I'm curious about: I clicked on the Amazon link which took me to an Amazon page but I didn't see ANY indication anywhere of any 'affiliate' credit. I found the item I needed to buy - a DVD of a film - clicked on the button to ADD it to my shopping cart - but then instead of checking out immediately, I then continued 'shopping' and searched for 3 other filml/DVD titles that I also sequentially added to my Shopping Cart. Then I hit checkout - and the next screen opened my personal Amazon account/payment page, allowing me to pay -

I'm assuming that the entire sale will receive a small percentage credit to benefit PhotographersLounge (formerly SeriousCompacts) - but just wanted to make sure that I'd gone through the procedure correctly....? I read somewhere else in this thread that it is/was important to not open any other browser windows until I'd made my affiliate purchase - and I'm hoping that in fact the process of adding other Amazon items to the purchase total will still allow the whole thing to be credited to PhotographersLounge -

Will it? Did it?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it did.


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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Thanks Miguel, when you click on the link is takes you to this address.....

That stuff after the .com is the affiliate code. They keep track of how you arrive at the site (through which door) which is why it is said to not have any other browser windows open. So your purchases should send the wee credit to the account.

If people think about it and have an Amazon (or Adorama or B & H, etc) bookmark or listed on their favorites, just remove your current bookmark, use the affiliate code and bookmark it anew so that every time you visit the website, your every purchase will send the affiliate revenue this way. We buy stuff online all the time and if no code is used, Amazon gets ALL the money. It costs no extra and we get a little bit back. Win-WIn!
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