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Bremer Valley, Australia
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I just started a new job recently, in a new city, and I'm trying to take more photos of the environment around me and develop my ability to 'see' photo opportunities instead of blindly wandering past. I'm not a street photographer and have probably undertaken about 80% of my photography to date indoors (still life, food, strobist), so this is quite a departure for me. I'm enjoying it so far, but still feel a bit shy about getting my camera out in public - especially when I'm dressed for work in a suit and heels!

These shots were all taken with the X10 while travelling to or from work.

C&C welcome.


Peak Hour by julie | anne, on Flickr


Rush by julie | anne, on Flickr


Craning by julie | anne, on Flickr


Rising Above The Rest by julie | anne, on Flickr


Old and New by julie | anne, on Flickr
Milwaukee, WI USA
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congrats on trying something new....we should all do that more often. You're off to a great start. Number 2 is my fave, but there are some very clever shots here that show you have "street" photog timing. Keep them coming. And if you keep at it, you'll become much more comfortable pulling it out in public.

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