Canon TCSTV Review T5i video


Oct 22, 2011
Canon refuses to learn, after the EOS M Debacle,

They bring out the T5i. Our thoughts below:


Oct 22, 2011
That's it. The initial specs indicated that the digital video zoom from the T3i would be returning, but it wasn't there on our production camera.

john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
Another great video Jordan!! How about a video showing the party among the EOS-M, K-01 and the Q? :)
I don't have the EOS-M, but I've got three losers right here:

The New Normals by john m flores, on Flickr

It's funny, many of us complain about the pace of obsolescence, but then we turn around and complain about the lack of progress. WTF man? LOL!

You know that someone deep within the bowels of Canon's actuarial department figured out that releasing the same camera with a different name was the most profitable path forward.

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