Tear in the sky


"Tear in the sky"

Sony A7+C-Summicron 40/2


Jock Elliott

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Thanks very much for your 'thanks' and comments. A good friend of mine recognised this phenomenon as a 'Fallstreak Hole' and pointed me at the article at Wiki



Thanks for the reference and the link. I had never heard of this natural phenomenon before. My first thought on viewing the image was "Someone really knows how to mess around the PhotoShop . . ." and "this could be the root source for a hoax or a conspiracy theory." Good to know that it is something that occurs in nature!

Lenticular clouds are sort-of the reverse of your image -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenticular_cloud

Cheers, Jock


Thanks, again for all your comments.

Obviously, I did use CS6 to recover cloud detail and also to colour balance so the sky was the right colour. I had to expose for the sky which somewhat desaturated the colour, at least thats what seems to happen with A7.

I actually have a very nice Lee System 7 filter setup which would have been ideal for this - if only I had had the time to set up a tripod, mount the filters, frame it all up nicely etc etc. As it was I have about three minutes to catch this before is expanded further and began to disperse.

I would add that the small and relatively cheap Leica C-40 Summicron is a fabulous lens for the A7. No smearing as far as I can tell, very sharp stopped down and it seems to draw beautifully with the A7 sensor. Interesting match when you consider that about 40 years separates the technology!


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