Leica telephoto for M240 with RF coupling


anyone know what the best option for telephoto with the m240 would be?
beyond the 135?

my oldest son starts football this week and I'd like to get some good closeups from the bleachers :D

Komura 200/4.5.

There are not many RF coupled lenses in Leica mount with focal length greater than 135mm.

Since you are shooting from the bleachers, I would get a SLR telephoto lens and use with an adapter. I would be taking the Nikkor-H 300/4.5 with me. Use the EVF for focus.

I have the Komura 200/4.5. It does RF couple, minimum focus is ~20ft. That is the longest focal length in Leica mount with an RF coupling that I know of.

Random Ebay Example:


This is an uncommon lens, but does not sell for "too much".
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With the M 240, if you have the EVF, you can easily use any SLR telephoto lens. I have used it with the 180mm f2.8 Elmarit-R version 2. Great lens for not too much money (for a Leica glass).

My daughters will start soccer this year and instead of trying to do it with the Leica M, I have decided to pick up a small m4/3 system and a good fast tele. Ended up with the Olympus E-M5 Mk 2 with the 40-150 f2.8. Amazingly fast AF and great IQ.


The rangefinder base length makes it difficult to focus telephotos beyond 135mm... you are better off with an adapted lens and focus with the EVF.


Like some of us, use a different system.


If you can get down to the sidelines, 90mm or 135mm, narrow aperture, and zone focusing are going to you some great shots on a Leica M8, M9, or M. A bit of pre-setup, then "Point and Shoot" until conditions substantially change.
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so i grabbed a NIkon 70-300 f4 to use on my M240 with a cheapo nikon/leica adapter... works fine in Live View - will try it tonight at my son's soccer practice - -

as for the 135 F2.8 - those ones with the Goggles - I assume it couples with the goggles on the 240?
or should i look for a better option?

The 135/2.8 with Goggles will bring up the 90mm framelines and magnify the central portion. Works well, but you do need to make sure your eye is well centered.
The 135/2.8 Elmarit is very good, not too expensive (~$300) and can be used via the RF. The limit will be your ability to focus it. Stopped down to F5.6~F8, you should be fine even for moving subjects. I have an easier time using the Tele-Elmarit with the RF than I do using a similar lens with my Olympus camera with the EVF-2.

I would use an SLR for outdoor sports like this, the Nikon Df with a 300mm lens would be my choice.

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