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Jun 30, 2012
I'll start out by saying I'm not a huge street photography fanatic generally speaking, so this may be outside my 'genre' as it were. That being said, the two that connected or resonated with me of the set were the one with the man in white walking his dog, and the "don't buy fur" one.

For me the Man in White is himself simply an interesting character. On a longer second look, I kind of like how he's going against the rest of the traffic flow and the bustling crowd. The Don't Buy Fur shot is interesting just for the juxtaposition with the protestor with sign and the woman in her coat, and both looking somewhat askance at each other. I'd probably crop the dead space on the left of the woman in the coat a bit because it's a little distracting visually and doesn't add anything to the image (for me). Otherwise a pretty cool shot/moment captured there.

The rest of the shots just didn't have as much interest, either compositionally or relationally/emotionally to draw me in. A few showed some closed eyes or awkward body language that made it feel discordant for me personally as well.


Dec 28, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Phoenix Gonzales
I quite like your images and your processing. I am a big fan of the reportage / documentary style photography, however I have been starting to get put off by the "streetphotography" genre in the last 2 years, I like images that tell a story or a clever juxtaposition through a play on shadows or geometry and shapes, however most of the "streetphotography" I see nowadays consists of candid shots of random strangers looking shocked or stunned which looks like mugshots, then again perhaps I don't fully understand the genre as people like Bruce Gilden and Eric Kim shoot a lot of these images and are well renowned and respected.

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