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Many of our members have usernames that are different from their real names. For example, there's no secret that Luckypenguin's real first name is Nic. I created a "Real Name" field in the user profile, so that if you'd like to share your real first name with us, you can enter it there and it will be displayed in your posts. I think it's a nice thing to do, but it's completely optional.

To add your real name to your profile, go to the bottom of this page:


Minnesota USA
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Kyle Krug
Since 2nd grade, I've heard Luke Skywalker... a couple years later it was Luke Duke (from the Dukes of Hazard) and intermittently from people with impeccable taste in films I've been called "Cool Hand".

How many hard-boiled eggs can you eat in an hour?

Love that movie.


betwixt and between
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And as you just showed us Andy, if anyone wishes to make it really easy - just go up to the drop down menu of Forum Actions, choose Edit Profile....and look down at the last entry option, I believe, and you can type in your "real" name.:biggrin:


Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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No secrets here, mine is a very Dutch name and I could not really think up anything different actually, there are enough logins and passwords to remember in our digital age, so I thought I would just stick to my real name and hope I could at least remember that one...:)

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