Ten hours and fifty minutes in Prague...


Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
That's the length of my enforced stopover next Wednesday. I really don't want to vegetate at the airport all that time, so I'm thinking of finding a left-luggage locker (hand baggage only) and going somewhere. Now the thing is, I know Prague well... this will be the fifth visit... so it's not as if I can't think of places to go or things to see in the city - so, can anyone suggest somewhere or something different to do or see?

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Zemun, Serbia
I'm into old and battered, hence the recommendation of the old Jewish cemetery. Of course you've been there:)
Maybe you could just wander the street of Vysehrad (Vy), and combine the old ambient and architectural details with eventual street scenes?


Minnesota USA
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Kyle Krug
What about going outside of the city center? When I was there, we stayed at a guesthouse just up the hill (no clue where now) from downtown. I thought it was really interesting with the more modern Soviet style (I think?) apartment buildings and then the occasional very old house. It's such a contrast from the more-fairytale-than-even-Disney reality of the city center.


Bill, my set of Prague shots can be seen here I only stayed a few days before heading off to Budapest so I'm guessing I never saw anthing different from the average tourist when I was there.

I'm guessing you have already chased the babies up the tv tower.

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