Just wanted to take a minute to express my feelings about this site here. It's refreshing to see this sort of website devoted not only to the common man (yes girls also), but the attitude and vibe I feel is that of genuineness and support. I haven't seen any big ego's here (except that guy in France... aka Mr. bill), joking of course.

People go about their own business shooting how they want, willing to help those in need of advice or support. Now I know there are other sites with really nice people, but
in the short time I've been hear, it's been all good baby! and I feel very comfortable.

Anyways, thanks Amin and the powers that be for keeping this site, stupid friendly (like me), filled with an easy going attitude and laid back atmosphere. It's the people here that make the site and I thank you.....

Okay enough gooey talk for one day.

Cheers all..... Pete


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I haven't got a "big one" - ask my wife!!!!

but, I agree Pete - it's great to "hit" this place everyday and feel the "goodwill" - it's quite uplifting for an "old man" like me

.............. second glass of wine just arriving - remember it's 8:30 in the evening here - and I,m just "revving up" for my evening meal

I suppose that you'll be taking your "afternoon" nap soon Pete - don't over do it - at your stage of "advancing years" you need your rest
I'm lurking around at other photography forums but seriouscompacts is the only place I sort of 'hang out' and post my photos regularly.

Not long after I first signed up here, I started a thread asking about photography with small sensor cameras. I'm still reeling from the amazing responses I received on that thread, I'm still processing and learning from the advice and tips and feedback. Very knowledgeable and friendly members in this forum.
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