Sony Thar she blows!


Feb 17, 2015
Forster NSW Australia
These photos were taken yesterday a few miles off the coast of eastern Australia as the annual whale migration to warmer breeding grounds to the north commenced. They give birth and head south with their new borns later in the year but much closer to the shore. They seem to enjoy having boats out there and they often put on displays coming close to the boats, and often under, by choice. Not much time to frame the shots but I had a 5% hit rate.


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Nicely done! The only time I've been whale watching was at Port Stephens... and the nearest whale was about a mile away, we saw it breach once and that was that. all in all quite disappointing. Maybe time to go again. These shots are great, IMO. Its hard to get the timing right, 5% is pretty good :)


Top Veteran
Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
I was lucky enough to be in Byron Bay (Australia's most eastern point) when the whales were doing the return trip back south you speak of.....its was incredible how close to the shoreline they swam, and with a large number of dolphins in escort too.

Beautiful part of the world and can't wait to get back up there next summer.

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