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I was idly surfing through photography videos on my Vizio this morning, and came across a Nikon 1 V3 "review" by Tony Northrup. Knowing full well that many find the Northrups annoying at best, I decided to hear what he had to say. At first, he was just describing the camera and saying who it might be for. He stated he didn't care for the removable EVF, which of course is personal preference. Then he started pumping mu43 vs the CX mount, and why mu43 was the better bargain. But then the video began to take a condescending and sarcastic tone. It got to the point where it seemed like he was implying "real photographers" would never choose a 1" sensor camera, or adapt "real" Nikon lenses to such a paltry format, or - surely not! - put a 70-300 lens on a toy camera. All the while he smiled more and more, and even seemed like he was laughing at his own cleverness. I finally gave up and quit after 6 minutes or so.

I realize the Northrups probably have made a ton of $$$ from the content they've created, probably have many followers (or they wouldn't be able to continue), and may even be talented photographers. But whether it was a 1 V3, a D750, an OM-D E-M10, or whatever, there was nothing unbiased about that video. It is one thing to clearly state personal preference, but I quickly got the gist of why I've read so many unflattering comments about the Northrups. It just left me scratching my head as to why they would have people following them. Wow.


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I see people like that every day so am sort of used to it. He’s first and foremost a Grade A marketeer/ salesman (if any of my kids have that enthusiasm he does in that regard then I’ll probably be looked after well in my old age!). Always bear that in mind before watching any of his videos to get the proper context. 1 inch sensor cameras? That wouldn’t have been his interest, at that time it would all have been about Canikon. Just the way the market was then, a market he will always strive to be at the forefront of.

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