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For the past couple of days the song snippet "love in a vacuum" has been popping up in my thoughts. I could hear that line but not whole song. As part of my daily walks the song Coming up Close by Til Tuesday came up in playlist rotation and I thought that was the answer since they have a song named, coincidentally, Love in a Vacuum. But that still wasn't the snippet that was bouncing around the ol' cranium echo chamber. I'm not sure what spark led to it but The Monkees bubbled up to the top. But the snippet didn't sound like anything that The Monkees did back in their TV show days. Then it finally hit me, both thoughts were correct, it was The Monkees and it didn't sound like their classic stuff because it wasn't, it was a song they released back in the 1980's! Ah ha!

With that mystery solved I can finally get some sleep. 🤣

So, with a bit of an insight into the weird thoughts that keep me up at night, below are the songs in question. Note that all of them are from the second half of the 80's which means that the odds are pretty good that at some point in the future I'll loose sleep again over pondering if that is just a coincidence and, if not, what the possible meanings of it are. 🤔

The Monkees - Heart and Soul (1987)

Til Tuesday - Coming up Close (1986)

Til Tuesday - Love in a Vacuum (1985)


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First, this is probably my least favorite Beatles' song.
Second, I usually have an unofficial "no reggae past 1980 rule".

Third, when I'm on vacation somewhere sunny, I'll listen to some of the worst pablum, if it suits the weather. Lying by the pool in Cancun, this dud sounded pretty good.


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