The Amazing Emporium of Wondrous Tunes (aka: What are you listening to?)


Code Monkey 🐒
I tend to listen to a wide array of music styles based on what I'm doing at the moment; coding, reading, yard chores, staring at the ceiling and so on. I have no idea how this one came up in my queue but it intrigues as I go down the rabbit hole of exploring modern day songs that have been redone to sound as if they were from Medieval Times replete with period appropriate lyrics.

Here's "Pumped Up Kicks" but set during the age of Robin Hood.

And for those that prefer something a bit more modern, here's "Pumped Up Kicks" as set in MTV's halcyon days.

For anybody not familiar with it, here's the actual original song from about 2010.

I OK with listening to all three versions. 🤣


Code Monkey 🐒
It's one of those weeks where every day I've been on conference calls nearly the entire work day while try to keep up with my normal responsibilities. In the background I've got The Go-Go's documentary playing and came across a version of 'Our Lips are Sealed' that I hadn't heard before, acoustic Jane Wiedlin (she wrote it) from her 1993 'Best Of' album.

This and a coffee refill on a Friday afternoon is a good way to come down a bit & relax. 👍


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