The Amazing Emporium of Wondrous Tunes (aka: What are you listening to?)

A story.

It's no secret I'm a big jazz fan, having been a jazz musician when I was much younger. I also dabbled in songwriting for others, I still occasionally tune into the latest charts to listen to what the kids are up to these days. For eg, Justin Bieber - a couple of years ago I heard one of his songs at the shopping mall and decided to buy his CD

Not long after, I was preparing for a 7 hour interstate drive, I placed a carefully curated stack of CDs within arm's reach in the passenger seat with some classic and contemporary jazz albums. I also brought along the Justin Bieber CD which I placed at the bottom of the pile for when I absolutely needed a change. I then stopped at the gas station and filled up, which meant I didn't have to worry finding another gas station for at least 5 hrs. Then I headed for the freeway.

But as I got on the onramp and circled around to the freeway, I went round just a tad fast and the entire stack of CDs scattered all over the car with a huge crash, like bugs when you lift a stone in the garden... except for the Justin Bieber CD. And so, because I refused to pull over on the freeway until I absolutely had to refuel, I was stuck with Justin Bieber on repeat for at least 3-4 hrs after which silence became the preferable option. Here's a sample:

PS. I don't think I've ever touched that CD ever again after that trip.


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2020 has been a rough year but really it seems to be more of a final culmination of the past several years starting in 2016. Too many funerals, family setbacks, and reminders that time never stops. Today is Thanksgiving in the US and it's a sunny day. As I sit by the window, with my dog in my lap as he enjoys a nap in the rays of the sun, an Elton John song keeps fading in & out of my head. See you guys & gals in a few days, I'll be mentally checked out for the long weekend.


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