Music The Amazing Emporium of Wondrous Tunes (aka: What are you listening to?)


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Tweaking* a few things to get YouTube placeholder images to load faster (essentially enable lazy loading), listening to some classic Queen.

* = We use an add-on to lazy load YouTube video instead of using the default XenForo YT code. The add-on has both some advantages & disadvantages.


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Hmm, possibly.

It was a link to the Preachers of the Night album by Powerwolf on Youtube.
Finally realized what was going on.... the embedded YouTube logic recognizes individual songs and songs that are included in a playlist but an actual playlist itself is not recognized.

The slightly longer answer is that the native XenForo (XF) logic doesn't recognize playlists. Recently there was an issue with XF where some YT songs that were included in lists stopped playing. It was due to something XF changed on their side. XF issued a patch that should take care of it so those songs work again. But even with the patch actual playlists would still not be recognized. But... here at Cameraderie we are using an add-on for playing YouTube videos. The add-on enables lazy loading of both the YT preview images and the YT iframes, this allows for faster loading of YT heavy pages like this thread. ;) I have it on my To Do list to see if the add-on can be updated to recognize actual playlists. XF doesn't reveal what they're working on so I don't know if they'll update XF to do the same.


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Okay, will try to remember not to post playlist in the future.

I've been listening to some dark country stuff recently. Mostly from the Dead Country Radio Show;
Hoping an unparsed soundtrack does show up:



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Relaxing on a Sunday night with local favorites Hall & Oates. In recent years they've really embraced their Philly roots by heading up Hoagie Nation, a celebration of all things Philly.

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Perkiomen (rarely played on the radio, a personal favorite for listening to on a hazy Summer night)