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I dunno, 70s music is getting me more and more. Used to be the 80s for me, but I feel like all of the trailblazing happened in the decade before. As a wild generalization of completely subjective thought ;)

I enjoy tunes from the '50s through today - generally 80s>70s>60>90s>50s & 00+. For me, in a general sense, the '80s were my best decade, and music was a large part of it. I know this is going to different for others, and it's all good. :cool:

My main grooves from the 70s are along these lines...


Hey All,

A little bluegrass harmonica...

An after that fast ride a fine song from a swedish group with a great harmonica player...

Nothing political of course ;) ...


Irene McC

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Well, we have to at least in passing namecheck Eurovision - the final was held last night
This was one of my favourite entries this year - S10 for The Netherlands
(and the name is reminiscent of my Fuji X-S10, so there's photographic reference!)