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It's reported they don't have natural predators but dogs and wild cats take juveniles.
However I was working in the bush a few years ago and discovered a freshly skun echidna on a log.
The skin, prickles down, was cleaned of all flesh and nothing else remained.
On the ground were some fluffy white feathers so obviously a raptor had managed to catch it.
It was ironic as the fresh skin was swarming with tiny ants come to clean up. Ants are the Echidnas favoured food
I've a photo but not very pretty sight.

Their claws are formidable and they are amazing diggers.
When approached they either run, at their slow 2.5kmph or stay and dig themselves down into the dirt. Latter is remarkably quick.
Then all you see is their spiky back protruding.
I wouldn't like to get tangled in them.

Here's about the best write up I've seen
Many thanks for the reply and the link...enjoyed reading the write-up. Previously, the only time I seen or read about them has been here at cameraderie.
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