The April 2020 Challenge - day 12


Newcastle, Australia
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And to you, Matt!

Toby in the morning, looking for easter eggs. The ones with feathers.


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Happy Easter, all.

Another tabletop (yawn). A belated birthday present to myself a couple of months ago. I've always appreciated the looks and uniqueness of Laguiole knives. Handmade, some with intricate file work, various types of scales. I'm also a fan of Desert Ironwood that shows it's colors, especially some of the burls. There will be another session or two with this model later in the month to show some of the detail work.

11cm Fontenille Pataud Laguiole


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An opportunity presented itself today to give my back and knees a rest from getting down low to photograph small flowers.


Caught in flight

My landlord Graham and his wife Noreen are engaged in splitting logs gathered from trees that have fallen over the winter and that Graham has recently been cutting up. Graham has devised a mechanism to operate the hydraulic controls from his position at the rear of the wood splitter fitted to his John Deere tractor. In previous years Noreen has had the job of sitting in the cab and operating the control lever. Now she has to labour carrying the logs to be split. I've managed to catch Graham launching two logs towards the bucket of his second, front loading tractor, when full they're taken to the Dutch Barn alongside my cottage to season.



Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
This is the approach road to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. This road is normally heaving with hospital and through traffic. This is about twenty minutes walk from home and while taking this picture I realised something.

No sirens.

Normally, while working from home, I hear a dozen or more sirens a day.

Now, I do realise that they are used to get through traffic and at the moment there is none, but on every walk near the hospital I see two or three ambulances silently gliding past, heading in.

500+ Covid fatalities in Surrey, and more every day, many at this hospital. I wonder whether they have also been told to be quiet so as not to unsettle...

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