The April 2020 Challenge - day 17


Jul 6, 2017
I missed yesterday. Spent the day battling seasonal allergies (had to lay off the old med to start a new one today) and doing multiple backups of my latest batch of slides scans. When done, I was tired and decided to not worry about a shot for the day.

Only bird I could catch at the feeder today. A lone Verdin. Stray cat is the reason I suspect bird viewings have dropped.
Day 17. As Mr. Ramirez pointed out, some times you just get lazy. The bees were a bit too close to the house, so I had to limit my outdoor time. I'm highly allergic (why do I have 60,000 bees in my back yard?).
After watching them checking out a bright green camp chair all day, I went out and recorded a single image using the Laowa. I had to try it at very close range after all.

Death, wearing it's nicest outfit.

And, just for emphasis, I am not posting an outtake image today. A dead bee is enough to ponder for a mere mortal.
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Tonight, my wife takes a break from binge watching some Netflix......the accents are so thick, even the subtitles seem wrong (but maybe it's the Tequila talking).

She opts tonight for some spreadable cheese on toasted rye chips while I put on my pajamas. Of course, Oscar the cat assumes his position on the stool at our kitchen peninsula and begs for some cheese. She wants me to assure the viewer that she pulled her hand and the knife back to get them out of the frame......she's not planning on stabbing or striking the begging feline.

I call this one "El Gato con Queso II". This one is SOOC ;)

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